The Ottawa Humane Society Garden Party – Delicious Bites for our Four Legged Friends

By on June 26, 2017

With my love of food comes my love of all things furry and cute. For several years now, I have supported the phenomenal work that the Ottawa Humane Society does in my community.

I had the pleasure of attending the Ottawa Humane Society Garden Party (OHSP) and what a party it was! The evening saw attendees savouring delicious dishes, tantalizing libations not to mention getting into the fun hoopla that a live auction brings – all the while supporting a cause near and dear to them.

The Food Tease at this year’s Ottawa Humane Society Garden Party at the Horticulture building.


Held this year at Lansdown’s Horticulture Building, the OHSGP – an annual event to help our furry friends in need – has become a “must-attend” affair. A longtime supporter of this cause and a man I had the privilege of working with at several culinary events, the late Chef Kurt Weldele, was the mastermind behind this engaging social soirée. Both Chef Weldele and his wife Suzanne have been champions for animals for many years.

Chef Weldele had such a profound impact and influence on our cities’ culinary masters, that every year chefs take the time out of their busy work schedule to create mouthwatering dishes to honour the late chef’s two great passions – cooking and animal welfare.






The garden party wasn’t just about food and drinks, it also gave a rare opportunity to talk firsthand with animal volunteers that were present and hear their stories. To find out how they became involved and see the positive impact that our donations and support has had on the community and on the livelihood of these adorable animals – some of which were in attendance during the event.

(Left to Right) Smoked duck breast with pumpkin seed, spring garlic butter, strawberry and black pepper compote and pickled mustard from Sutherland Restaurant, Bar and Coffee House; Cambridge Bay candied cured Arctic char, crab salad, lime avocado and sesame seeds from Brookstreet Hotel; Yellow fin tuna, cucumbers, scallions, avocado with Misu mayo from the Whalesbone on Elgin.

Ottawa is very fortunate to have such talented chefs working in our city! Guests at the OSHGP were able to enjoy their culinary creations and an opportunity to interact with them and their hard working brigade.  There was much culinary variety on offer…from candied cured Arctic char and smoked duck breast to the more traditional braised beef short ribs. And, many were enjoyed multiple times over!

For an evening that provided such culinary pleasures and lively entertainment, especially during the live auction, guests got their money’s worth! It was an investment that guests knew would go towards a great cause for which they witnessed firsthand its positive effects. And, that is why many guests return year after year to this fun soirée in order to offer their support and help our four legged friends!

Looking forward to next year’s garden!

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