The 2015 Snowsuit Fund Gala Was A Success – Raising Approximately $75,000!

By on November 25, 2015

Every year the beautifully lavish Snowsuit Fund Gala soirée is sold out and tries to surpass their goals of charitable donations, so that they can purchase more snowsuits for Ottawa’s less fortunate.

And this year was no exception. I’m not sure if it was the heat and passion that was brought on by this year’s Spanish theme…however, the ambiance and mood were definitely muy caliente!!!

So much passion that guests were drinking and dancing the night away – all the while, it meant funds were being raised for this year’s event. As it stands the Snowsuit Fund is proud to say that they have raised approximately $75,000! An impressive amount of coin which results in 1,875 snowsuits!!

The Chateau Laurier’s Executive Chef, Louis Simard and his brigade worked very hard and succeeded to spoil the guests with a Spanish inducing menu that left guests wanting for more.

As Spanish guitar tunes were playing their sultry sounds, tapas and libations were flowing as guests placed their bids on the silent auction offerings…all in the anticipation of the formal dinner to commence.

Snowsuit Fund Gala prior to the Spanish themed dinner. (Photos courtesy of Jerome Xavier Scullino).

Knowing that I wanted to show you components of all the hard work that transpires in an impressive kitchen such as the Chateau Laurier, I was fortunate enough to be given access. The Chateau Laurier and Chef Simard were gracious enough to grant me a ‘front row’ view if you will of Chef Simard’s kitchen, as the culinary team (and its a huge team at that) prepared for the multi-course Spanish dinner.

It was important for me to be able to show you a glimpse of the intricate workings of the kitchen orchestra, since typically at galas and/or events guests only see the end result…they don’t see the ‘action shots’ that depict what these talented professionals do with great passion. Their culinary vision and hard work is typically only seen in one or two plates. All the organization, planning, testing and tasting and then more testing and tasting goes unnoticed to those outside the kitchen.

A sneak peak inside the kitchen…

Executive Chef Louis Simard and his brigade working hard during the Snowsuit Fund Gala.

The results of hard work – A Spanish themed multicourse dinner

Serrano Ham, Lemon Poached Asparagus, Shaved Compte (Manchego) Cheese, Almond and Honey Vinaigrette.


Cold Melon and Serrano Ham Shot sprinkled with Espelette pepper.


Roasted Lamb Rack with Molle Sauce on Blue Cheese Soft Polenta; Olive and Caper Roasted Trout with Clam Nectar Butter Sauce; Fava, White and Black Bean Roulade served with Piperade Vegetables.


Caramelized Flan, Almond Cake, Lemon-Lime Ice Cream.

What an evening, what a dinner and what an EVENT! The Snowsuit Fund Gala has given generously to the Ottawa community. Their goal to keep less fortunate children warm and the loving message that it brings was felt that beautiful evening.

Knowing that approximately 1,875 snowsuits will be purchased for the harsh cold winter that Ottawa is notoriously famous for, is very comforting and pleasing to know that YOUR donation, my donation and many more is working and thriving!

Let’s continue supporting such great charitable causes!!


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