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May your ANCHOR be tight, Your CORK be loose, Your RUM be spiced, And your COMPASS be true. As one person interpreted that rum toast: May your journey always be an adventure you experience on your own terms.  And how apropos that the sentiment of adventure and experiencing things on your own terms rung ever so strong as […]

Lions and tigers, and bears, Oh My! Lions and tigers, and bears, Oh My! That chant kept playing in my head over and over when I found out that I would be visiting The Ringling. I had heard of The Ringling before, being synonymous with old school circus acts but other than that I did […]

Being a true sun baby (even though my skin color will tell you otherwise) I have always been drawn to the beach and everything that comes with it, be it just recharging my body by basking in the sun to snorkeling for that ‘one of a kind’ shell or diving for exploration. The sea & […]