Spectacular St. Mortiz

By on October 10, 2020

From hikes with jaw-dropping panoramic views in the Alp Mountains to a surreal overnight stay in an authentic palace and a farm-to-table buffet in the forest, my Swiss adventure in the glamorous town of St. Moritz was nothing short of spectacular.

Located 5,910 feet (1,800 meters) above sea level, St. Moritz is a lavish alpine resort town in the heart of Switzerland’s Engadin Valley. Popular for its downhill skiing, this posh town has much more to offer as I discovered during my summer getaway.

Breathtaking hiking views of the Swiss Alps @Brigitte Hasbron

A Perfect Swiss Afternoon

Being a moderate hiker, I have always been captivated by the sheer vastness of the Swiss Alps. Now, here I was in St. Moritz with this majestic mountain range within my grasp. So, I took the red funicular up into the clouds to Muottas Muragi, a Swiss summit that overlooks the Engadin Valley between the towns of Samedan, St. Moritz and Pontresina. There are very few words that can do justice to adequately explain the feeling of elation that overcame me when I first witnessed the panoramic beauty of these magnificent peaks­­—they are bewitchingly beautiful!

And, leave it to the lovely citizens of Switzerland to not only build stunning hotels amongst these mountains, but to also offer several delicious eateries along the way. These are so convenient especially when a hiking break is sorely needed. As I was trying to gain my breath on this hike, I stumbled across the alpine hut, Languard. This ended up being the perfect place to indulge and take pleasure in traditional Swiss dishes and tasty libations. The views combined with the authentic meal made this hiking adventure the very embodiment of the ultimate Swiss afternoon.

Lunch at Alp hut Languard @Brigitte Hasbron

A Little Rest and Relaxation

For some laidback urban exploration, I discovered the main street in St. Moritz, the beautiful and uber-chic Via Serlas. This retail therapy hotspot is perfect for taking in a glimpse of what affluent visitors and locals alike do when they are not hiking, golfing, or sailing. Synonymous with Rodeo Drive in Los Angeles and the Champs Elysées in Paris, Via Serlas doesn’t just offer retail indulgence but also impressive art galleries, casinos, and much more.

Switzerland has a worldwide reputation for being the best when it comes to wellness. So, it was only fitting that I indulged at one of their renowned spas, aptly located in a palace no less. Known as Engadin’s heaven, the Palace Wellness inside St. Moritz’s luxurious Badrutt’s Palace Hotel enhanced my state of wellbeing with their signature spa treatments. This was precisely what I needed without even knowing it!

The opulent Badrutt’s Palace Hotel @Brigitte Hasbron

With stunning views of the Alp Mountains from my palatial suite, I was living out my childhood princess dream. The hotel strives to achieve perfection in every which way imaginable. The heightened attentiveness of the staff to meet guests’ desires serves to make their stay a personalized experience. For a gourmand like me, Badrutt’s various culinary selections which include classic Swiss, French, Japanese, Peruvian, and Mediterranean cuisines never failed to satisfy my insatiable passion for delectable food.

A Picnic in the Woods

After a fantastic night’s sleep in the palace, it was time for me to explore the Engadin Valley on an e-bike. E-biking was a welcomed relief after the previous day’s hike left my legs a little tender. Fresh air combined with million-dollar views of the Alps and endless green forests are sceneries that I could easily get used to. Part of the day’s itinerary included a stop at the Alpine Cheese Dairy, Morteratsch. This is by far a cheese lovers’ paradise! Located in what seems to be right in the middle of the forest, this picturesque alpine hut is close to the Morteratsch Glacier and a short distance from the charming mountain village of Pontresina. 

Swiss forest picnic at Dairy Morteratsch @Brigitte Hasbron

It is one thing to eat and savor cheese, but it is really something else to see how it is created from start to finish. Witnessing cheese and curds made in the traditional Swiss way over an open fire was a unique and insightful experience. I also took full advantage of Morteratsch’s sumptuous brunch as they have everything you can imagine to satiate any appetite! They offer farm eggs that you cook to your liking, a fresh bread selection that would make any baker proud and the piece de resistance, an array of local cheeses to make any food lover swoon. And did I mention, you enjoy all of these delectable treats outside on a picnic table as you take in the breathtaking sights while savoring both the Swiss food and culture.

Cheese making at Dairy Morteratsch @Brigitte Hasbron
Cheese buffet at Dairy Morteratsch @Brigitte Hasbron

Whether you take part in their numerous outdoor activities as you enjoy the picture-perfect views of the Swiss Alps, indulge in their world-class cuisine, or pamper yourself with Switzerland’s gift of wellness, St. Moritz caters to all your senses. Senses that deserve to be spoiled and taken to the next level, the St. Moritz way!

For additional information please refer to www.MySwiterland.com, the official website of Switzerland tourism.

**This article was first published in the Food Wine Travel Magazine and was given permission to post on the author’s site.

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