Midnight snacking…

By on May 19, 2013

If we’re not suppose to have midnight snacks, then why does the fridge have a light in it?
Yes, some of you may take a glance or two or three at the fridge pic and wonder if the lady is the midnight snack? And I’m sure for some it is, but I digress…

We have all succumb to a midnight snack at one point or another… and if we’re really being honest, some of us find it to be the best meal of the day…not that I would know anything about that. Midnight snacking in my opinion takes the cake (pardon the food pun). 

It all starts when you have finally decided to walk over to the fridge and let yourself be victim to the food punishment that lays in front of you. Do you drown yourself in a tub of Ben & Jerry’s till your hands become some numb that you need oven mitts to feed yourself? Do you put yourself in a carnivorous induced coma camouflaged as a hearty sandwich that only Big Foot could consume (or at least admit too)? Or my favorite, a nice greasy filled pan of glistening nachos. But don’t get me wrong, the ratio of salsa and cheese must be just right. NO chip can be left uncovered, because that would just be wrong! As for the cheese we are talking about some old cheddar covering every inch of the chips…but not just any chip. We are talking about Lonestar chips…no other chip compares!  And if you are in hot and spicy mood some pickled jalapenos to spice it up but take it easy as this is a midnight snack…no need to over indulge 😉

We all have food cravings some more ‘special’ than others, but we are not here to judge. I thought it would be interesting to see what other cultures like to devour at the midnight hour. But since I can’t magically transport my tushy to foreign countries as much as I would like to (if you’re a good looking sugar daddy reading this and want to help, then this is a good start)…and you guys think I’m kidding 😉 So in the meantime I thought it would be fun to see what I would deem as a midnight snack if I was fortunate enough to be at any of these countries. Considering anything can be be deemed as a midnight snack – it’s all fair game. 

Its going to be an international smorgasbord of yumminess that I would kill to eat right about now…And yes, as I’m writing this I’m still hungry…even though I can still see crumbs from my dinner (don’t judge). 

And with that disclosure, let the international midnight run begin…


Korean BBQ…good at anytime of the day!
A Paella worthy of all its bounty

Roasted lamb on a spit…what more could you want?

Croissants…need I say more?!

United States – Southern food


Crawfish cook out
Sorry, but I need my Mac & Cheese 🙂

A carnivorous orgy

 French Polynesian Islands

Freshly caught Tuna with assorted exotic vegetables…looks absolutely refreshing!


Say hello to Midnight snacks’ best friend…Tirasmisu

I hope you’ve enjoyed the international midnight snacks run…I know I have. The only thing that is needed for this to be complete would be to have one of these ‘snack’s’ waiting for me right about now!
Sweet dreams,

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