Greek Sweet Treat: Loukoumades (Honey Balls) Recipe

By on August 25, 2015

I tasted these highly addictive honey treats during my visit at the Ottawa Greek Festival and let me tell I couldn’t stop eating them.

Good luck just having one or two…I tried and failed miserably but I had the biggest smile on my face as they are THAT good!

Loukoumades (Honey Balls) Recipe


• 1 Envelope dry yeast

• 1 tsp sugar

• 1 cup water, lukewarm

• 3 cups five roses flour

• 1/2 cup tea bisk

• 1/4 cup salt

• 3 tsp. Ouzo

• Honey & cinnamon


• Combine yeast, sugar and water and wait 10 minutes. (place in warm area)

• Combine flour, salt and ouzo. Add to yeast mixture.(note, if there isn’t enough water, add a bit to make a good consistency – this is what Greeks call measuring “me to mati” or “with the eye”) (most Greeks don’t use exact measurements)

• Allow to rise for approximately 10 minutes.

• Heat oil in a pot

• Take a spoonful of mixture and put into hot oil. ** Don’t forget to dip the spoon into water between EACH Loukoumada.

• Gently heat honey and pour over the prepared Loukoumades. Add cinnamon.

Enjoy! And Believe me you’ll want to make several batches 😉

**Recipe courtesy of The Hellenic Community of Ottawa.

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