By on April 26, 2013

Now here’s one of my biggest pet peeves when dining in restaurants and I unfortunately see at numerous restaurants.  While I’m trying to enjoy my meal,  there is nothing more insulting to me than to have a server pick up the plate of the person with whom I’m having a meal with who has finished eating. It inadvertently puts pressure on the person who is still left eating. Picture it…the entire table is completely cleared off and you’re left there feeling like there is a spotlight being cast on you as you try to hurry and finish your meal. Those close to me know my stance on this topic and have politely told servers to not take away their plates “as the lady is not yet finished with her meal”.

To me its just  about respect, especially for a lady. Some may find my point of view a bit extreme and to that I say…its all about class! It’s about proper service etiquette that every worthy restaurant should teach their servers…a little touch of class goes a long way. We all tend to remember restaurants where we have had an unfavorable experience but for me it’s about the eateries that make my experience one worth noting.

Like I mentioned before: a little touch of class goes a long way, something that unfortunately several restaurants don’t have or bother to adhere too.


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