Bash Noir: An Enchanting Evening Filled with Sophistication And Opulence

By on June 26, 2015

Imagine plush furniture, crystal chandeliers, men donned in their Film Noir detective garments and the women…Oh, how the women oozed every bit of their inner Femme Fatale that all us women possess. Those elements woven together with spectacular entertainment and seductive culinary temptations were all part of the Snowsuit Fund’s lavish Bash Noir event!This year’s event took place at Lansdowne Park’s new Horticulture building and what a transformation it was. TC& Co. Event Design designer and co-owner, Tami Varma didn’t hold back when it came to vision, creativity and fantasy for the Neo-Noir affair. The transformation of the historic Horticulture building was unprecedented!

Glamour décor before the event commences

One could not look around and not be mesmerized by all the intricate details that took place in planning this affair. There was a ‘station’ for everything: for your chocolate indulgences there was Lindt Chocolate and to spellbind your partner there was a fragrance centre. For the ladies who wanted to look their best, Nordstrom was there for lipstick touch-ups…like I said every detail was thought of.

Oh, we can’t forget about my Bubbles…The Champagne station was a hit as it had a beautiful model whose skirt was designed to hold several Champagne flutes- sheer genius!

Champagne Station

Entertainment value was off the charts as there were plenty to enjoy. Live singers included the seductive voices of Maddy Sleigh and Chrissy Spratt to Dj’s spinning the latest heart pounding hits to get the crowd on their feet dancing. And if that wasn’t enough, a very captivating Cirque du Soleil-like entertainer grabbed everyone’s attention and with good reason – the lights that reflected off the ‘riding of the bird’ act and the sheer movement that went with the act was fascinating.

Amazing entertainment that varied from artists on stilts to artists painting in the backdrop

And the pièce de résistance for this Food Tease…The Seductive Treats!

I was very fortunate to have Ace Mercado’s Chef de Cuisine Trisha Donaldson give me access to her working area as she assembled the gorgeous ensemble of tempting nibbles that had everyone wanting more!

Not only did Chef Donaldson run with the Femme Fatal motif but she won the race! She captured the seductive spirit of the evening as she transformed her appetizers to look like pieces of art involving all of our senses! Flowers, fragrances, multitude of textures and flavors were all ever so present with each creation.

An assortments of tempting treats: in-house smoked salmon with cucumber ribbons, chorizo sausage with sweet drop peppers; in-house cured duck breast, cucumber ribbons, sabayon, lemon preserve and sweet drop peppers

Edible Lipstick: red rose, passion fruit and vanilla beans

Chocolate Cigars: tuiles with hazelnut dipped in chocolate ganache with a sweet red pepper ash.


Lies and deceit: frozen goat cheese bottom with raspberry filling, coated with candied pistachios…finished with a lavender mist.

Hypnosis: a mystery veiled truffle with a hazelnut ganache

Bash Noir was truly a spectacular event and my feet can attest to it…oh, how the evening got danced away and then some! What made it an even better evening was knowing that it was supporting such a great cause.

The Food Tease enjoying the elegance of Bash Noir

How spoiled we all were with the creativity and hard work involved in making Bash Noir a complete success!

The evening was magical.

I can’t even begin to think how they will outdo this year’s event, but one nothing is certain – if it’s anything like this one, it’ll be spectacular!!!

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