By on April 27, 2013

Just saying…

What does it say about me when I’ve just enjoyed a thoroughly good meal and then as soon as i get a whiff of some other mouth watering delectable, be it the smouldering smoky smell of a flame broiled steak or a spicy Italian sausage being flipped showcasing its beautiful grill marks…I just can’t resist it…It’s almost as though my stomach miraculously has amnesia of the previous meal that i literally just consumed. This “condition” of mine has been an anomaly to those close to me. Just when they are ready to pop off the buttons off their pants and roll onto the closest couch and shutter at the thought of another bite….there i am salivating like a dog in heat. I can’t explain it, there is no end to my appetite for good food.

Can you smell the yumminess? I know i do!!!

Always in the mood for good piece of meat…

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